The Margarita Cocktail


Start a conversation with a group of cocktail connoisseurs and try coming up with a one-cocktail consensus for the most iconic whiskey, rum, vodka, or gin mix. 

Chances are, you will single-handedly spark a heated debate, with each person passionately chiming in on why they think a certain drink deserves the title of most iconic. 

However, try narrowing down the discussion to just tequila. 

Within seconds all parties will agree on one tequila-based cocktail to rule them all. The Margarita.  

Although the Margarita is far from the first and only tequila cocktail in the world, it has without a doubt, solidified itself as a modern-classic icon. 

The Margarita garnered this reputation with its distinct zesty flavor, and by how easy it is to mix.

How to make a Margarita

  • 4cl Tequila
  • 2cl Cointreau
  • 2cl Fresh lime juice
  • Salt

Add all the liquid into a shaker, shake well, strain into a salt-rimmed coupette.


The No Origin Story

The generally accepted origin for the Margarita is that it has no origin. 

When it comes to classic cocktails, you’re bound to run into several disputes, with individuals across the world looking to take credit for the creation of these iconic drinks. The Margarita is no different. 

Ask a bartender about the history of this cocktail, and you may be told the story of a beautiful dancer by the name of Margarita, who was allergic to all spirits except tequila. Who then went on to use tequila to make her own drink, combining the citrus of freshly squeezed lime and Orange Curacao. 

You may also be told that the origin of the drink is simply the natural evolution of a popular cocktail at the time, the Daisy. 

Logically speaking, the evolution of the Daisy into the Margarita is the most historically sound origin of the cocktail. As the word daisy in Spanish translates directly to “margarita”. 

The Margarita Collection

Regardless of which origin you choose to believe, the obscurity of this cocktail’s creation is part of its beauty. 

It was this concept that led us to include the Margarita in our collection of cocktail themed clothing

The world of cocktails is exciting. It is a canvas for creativity, and an outlet for bartenders and mixologists around the world to share mysterious and fascinating stories of how these drinks came to be. 

We aimed to embody this philosophy into our clothing line. Just like the Margarita, we want our customers to be able to express themselves in a way that allows freedom of interpretation, with no right or wrong answers.